Important Tips to Consider When Selecting a Real Estate Agent

House for saleBuying a property is not as easy as selecting color schemes of houses. Apart from minding the aesthetic aspects, you also need to consider the technical and legal matters. Overall, it’s a complex process and the key to a seamless and successful property hunting is finding the right real estate agent to partner with. Here are the tips to consider when choosing a real estate agent:

Check the licenses

To the intuitive people, meeting a hoax agent may already give them the initial feels and then they would know better than to engage. However, the majority of people nowadays are unable to tell apart an authentic agent from a fraud. Thus, any prospective buyer should be looking into the licenses and certifications of the real estate agent first and foremost. The authenticity of the licenses and certifications can be checked personally with the proper authorities or with the brokerage firm they are working for. Since there are also real estate agents who have registered license numbers but expired, you also need to be mindful of the expiry dates when verifying IDs and documents.

Other credential-related information you need to ask are the agent’s average number of clients monthly, years working in the industry, and even his references.

Ask the recent clients for feedback

Fraud is not the only potential problem you’ll encounter with an agent. Incompetence and irresponsibility problems are also present. Sometimes, an agent fails to exercise due diligence in doing their homework and ends up giving half-baked recommendations and lousy answers to clients. At other times, an agent becomes biased in such a way that he bloats information, if only to book a sale. He may even entertain several clients at hand to the point of missing deadlines. Of course, this behavioral information won’t be reflected in an agent’s registration certificate or even in their LinkedIn profile. Where do you mine information then? Where else but from their previous clients.

Normally, in the course of your conversation, an agent may drop a name or two of his previous clients. You can personally check with the client afterwards. If the client is within your circle or network, then consider yourself lucky enough to dig more information about the agent’s attitude.

Take into account the agent’s network

A well-networked real estate agent may have an advantage over the others since more likely the agent will have the first access to prime properties as soon as they are for sale. Or, he may know people who have not yet decided to sell but with the right client, they may change their minds. In terms of the legal works, a well-networked agent has the means to refer you to the right lawyer. Likewise, he may have a ready list of contacts of architects, builders, banks, financing institutions, and so on who are all important professionals to network within the real estate industry.

Choose agents who work for a firm

Connections are important and as such agents who work for a reliable firm have high chances of surviving challenges than independent agents. This is not to belittle the ability of the lone wolves out there, yet on the part of the clients, being well-connected to a firm gives them an assurance somehow. In the event of personal crises such as death in the family, sickness, accidents, and so on, an agent’s team mates can fill in the spot in his absence.

Consider communication style

Communication isn’t just about constructing grammatically correct sentences, but also about relaying proper and accurate information. It can also refer to being open-minded for feedback and being true to his words. An agent has the tendency to become salesy and it is fine, for as long as he presents both the advantages and disadvantages of a property.

For a clearer communication, though, clients should also be responsible enough to know what they want, such as the housing type, amenities, location, and most importantly the budget. This makes things easier when talking to a real estate agent.

There is no perfect real estate agent. To a certain extent, there will be one trait or action that may displease you. But at the very least, you need to find the real estate agent who is legitimate and appropriate for you and the tips above will greatly help you.

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